Greeting: Anioma!

Responds:  Obi - Nwanne.


The Anioma community Nottinghamshire is a tax exempt and, non- profitable charity, non- political, social-cultural and registered organization unified in 2015 under the laws of Nottingham council. The organization is 100% volunteers that represent a group of like-minded people who saw and still seeing the vision of their individual cultural, educational and professional backgrounds to undertake a charity and philanthropic work for the betterment and enhancement of the needy in the community. We are determined to contribute to the establishment and maintenance of good reputation wherever we go in the United Kingdom. As diverse as we are, we have cohesively sought ways to help us achieve our aims, through fund raising events and donations from general public since we have a lot to achieve.

History of Anioma

Anioma means ‘Good Land’ in Ibo language gleaned its name from the four (4) local governments in Delta State Nigeria. The term ANIOMA is an acronym from (A) Aniochia, (N) Ndokwa, (I) Ika, and (O) Oshimili, while (M) and (A) were added as a coinage by the founding fathers who were campaigning for a state that speaks Ibo   respectively in areas of Delta State. Anioma indigene make up one-third (1/3) of Delta State and for the sake of leadership structure, are referred as” Delta North” contrasting Delta Central, and South surrounded by Urhobo, Isoko, Ijaws and Itsekiri, etc. And in Edo State, it shares common boundary with Igbanke, Oza and Epkon. In home base (Nigeria) and other continent including United Kingdom, Anioma indigenes are also found there. Administratively, Anioma is being headed by the following monarchs; Obi(s), Eze(s), Opkarans, Chiefs amongst the traditional rulers is the Dean of Agbor kingdom, maintaining her same cultural value, traditional beliefs, ideology and speak same languages.

Anioma people are blessed with natural resource and known for their hospitality and to be hard working people, they have produced different food crops such as tomatoes, Vegetables, yam, cassava, maize, etc. And as well as fishes which so many countries derived their finished products to feed the nation.


In England (United Kingdom), Anioma indigenes are vastly located, mostly in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, Anioma community and its Diaspora are among the largest black community origin in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.



The Union is governed by Bylaw of the Association which is headed by elected administrative body. Our government is democratically bounded and the elected officers are unpaid volunteers including the members. Also, the union have positioned committees for certain programmes/projects. The Union’s member runs under the leadership of elected officers as we cohesively promote the mission of the association. 


Anioma Progressive Union Nottingham United Kingdom is open to individuals who is interested and have the interest of the community at heart and willing to work collectively to make a change within the community, and to abide by the regulations of the union together with the existing members.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To Preserve and enhance Anioma culture among members.
  • To improve the standard of living of the underserved people in our community.
  • To support and liaise with the public to fight against crime of any form.
  • Educating the community of ways to make good use of available recourses.
  • To support members in achieving legal and financial security, jobs and in terms of disputes.
  • To support the Nottinghamshire in ongoing activities within our reach for the betterment of the members and the community at large.
  • To restore peace and maintain harmony among family members on problems affecting them in all levels.
  • To assist members of all ages in achieving their potentials in life.
  • To Liaise with the Government, Non-Governmental bodies and other    
  • African communities in other to achieve the aims of the community project, and to equality support diversity inclusion in Nottingham and United Kingdom at large
  • To foster economic empowerment amongst Anioma community in Nottingham and beyond.



Networking and Friendship, to enhanced and improve the wellbeing of members, members are able to form long lasting good relationship with one another and this bond have immensely contributed to the growth and development of the Association.






 We are currently embanking on these projects; To fight rape through health education and social crusade within and outside United Kingdom, to Support Orphanage homes, to organize conventions in various cities within the United Kingdom on improving lives and alleviating poverty.   


The Union’s general meetings come every first Sunday of each calendar month and other subsequent meetings. Anioma Progressive Union Nottingham chapter - meet once a month (every first Sunday of each month at a specific location in Nottingham United Kingdom. Meetings are hosted by members on rotational basis.


Address (Head Office)

104 Grindon Crescent



Contact us

Tel: +44 7928290429

Email: info@aniomaprogressiveunionnotts.org